Graphic Short Story Prize 2010


In Room 208 by Stephen Collins

In Room P1 In Room p2
In  Room p3 In Room p4

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The judges of the 2010 Jonathan Cape/ Observer/ Comica Graphic Short Story Prize – Audrey Niffenegger, Rachel Cooke, David Hughes, Dan Franklin, Suzanne Dean and Dexter the dog – had a really hard time picking just one winner and runner-up out of the hundreds of stunning entries.  Reading through all the stories was a complete joy as ever and an interesting insight into Britain in 2010. The difficult part was whittling the entries down first to a shortlist then to the final results.  Much tea was drunk and the arguments got progressively more heated as the judges came near to their final decision.  Entries that particularly caught the judges’ eyes were  Anthony Blades’ marvellously inventive and original “Picus Viridus”; Andrew 'Stilly' Stilborn’s beautifully drawn and amusing “The Dust Enclosed”; Jason Synnott’s arresting “Ordinary Bob”; the moving “Going Back” by Fumio Obata; and Scott Dessert’s intriguing Cat Sitter.  However a winner and runner-up had to be chosen. The judges awarded second prize to Anna Mill and Luke Jones’ visually stunning “Square Eyes” which had some of the most stand-out,  jaw-droppingly beautiful panels they’d seen.  First prize went to “In Room 208” by Stephen Collins, a work where drawings and story combined in a way that was completely outstanding

Second Prize Winners

Square Eyes by Anna Mill and Luke Jones

SquareEyes1 Square Eyes 2
Square Eyes 3 Square Eyes 4

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