Bodley Head

Bodley Head logoThe Bodley Head was founded in 1887 by John Lane and Elkin Matthews. Initially trading in antiquarian books in London, in 1894 Lane and Matthews began to publish works of ‘stylish decadence’, including the notorious literary periodical The Yellow Book. The Bodley Head became a private company in 1921 and in the 1970s formed a publishing group with Jonathan Cape and Chatto & Windus. It was bought by Random House in 1987 and ceased trading as an adult imprint in 1990.

2008 saw the launch of an exciting and entirely new imprint within Random House’s VINTAGE division with the revival of the distinguished Bodley Head name. In its new incarnation The Bodley Head is devoted to excellence in non-fiction in all fields. Its two principal strands are books of impeccable scholarship in the humanities and sciences, and books which directly address the intellectual and cultural issues of our times.

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