The Last Leaves Falling

I cannot mourn, for I have lived a life of mountain air and cherry blossoms, steel ...

André Brink

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André Brink

Andre Brink is the author of several novels, including A Dry White Season, Imaginings of Sand, The Rights of Desire, The Other Side of Silence and Philida. He has won South Africa's most important literay prize, the CNA Award, three times and has thrice been shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

Books by André Brink

Books: 19
The Rights Of Desire

'Peter Carey, García Márquez, Solzhenitsyn: André Brink must be considered ...

The Other Side Of Silence

'Peter Carey, Garcia Marquez, Solzhenitsyn: André Brink must be considered with ...

Before I Forget

A remarkable new novel from a world-class writer about love in all its forms.

Praying Mantis

A magical novel from a world class writer about a remarkable historical figure.

Imaginings Of Sand

A wonderful, extravagant book; a melting pot in which women’s stories, black and ...

Chain Of Voices

' A triumph of storytelling' The Times

Books: 19