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Georges Perec

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Georges Perec

Georges Perec (1936-82) won the Prix Renaudot in 1965 for his first novel Things: A Story of the Sixties, and went on to exercise his unrivalled mastery of language in almost every imaginable kind of writing, from the apparently trivial to the deeply personal. He composed acrostics, anagrams, autobiography, criticism, crosswords, descriptions of dreams, film scripts, heterograms, lipograms, memories, palindromes, plays, poetry, radio plays, recipes, riddles, stories short and long, travel notes, univocalics, and, of course, novels. Life A User's Manual, which draws on many of Perec's other works, appeared in 1978 after nine years in the making and was acclaimed a masterpiece to put beside Joyce's Ulysses. It won the Prix Medicis and established Perec's international reputation.

Books by Georges Perec

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Life: A User's Manual

'The last major event in the history of the novel' Italo Calvino

A Void

'There is not a single E in this novel. That's right: no here, there, where, when ...

The Art and Craft of Approaching Your Head of Department to Submit a Request for a Raise

A delicious, witty and suitably bizarre rediscovered classic from the modern French ...

W or The Memory of Childhood

A disturbing, ground-breaking book about Perec's wartime childhood, and about where ...

Things: A Story of the Sixties with A Man Asleep

Two brilliant, witty and subversive stories from the modern master - cult classics ...

Books: 5
  • 1