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We all have families. What do you do when your family has just been destroyed?

Ninety Days

A stark and moving account of relapse and recovery, from the acclaimed author of ...

Laurens Van Der Post

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Laurens Van Der Post

Laurens Van Der Post was born in South Africa in 1906, the thirteenth of fifteen children in a family of Dutch and French Hugeunot origins. Most of his adult life was spent with one foot in Africa and one in England. His professions of writer and farmer were interrupted by ten years of soldiering in the British army, serving with distinction in the Western Desert, Abyssinia, Burma and the Far East. Taken prisoner by the Japanese, he was held in captivity for three years before returning to active service as a member of Lord Mountbatten's staff in Indonesia and, later, as Military Attache to the British Minister in Java.

After 1949 he undertook several official missions exploring little-known parts of Africa, and his journey in search of the Bushmen in 1957 formed the basis of his famous documentary film and The Lost World of the Kalahari. Other television films include All Africa Within Us and The Story of Carl Gustav Jung, whom he met after the war and grew to know as a personal friend. In 1934 he wrote In a Province, the first book by a South African to expose the horrors of racism. Other books include Venture to the Interior (1952), The Heart of the Hunter (1961), and A Walk with a White Bushman (1986). The Seed and the Sower was made into a film under the title Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence, and, more recently, A Story Like the Wind and A Far-Off Place were combined and made into the film A Far-Off Place.

Sir Laurens Van Der Post was awarded the CBE in 1947 and received his knighthood in 1981. He died in 1996.

Books by Laurens Van Der Post

Books: 17
The Night Of The New Moon

Laurens van der Post was in a POW camp in Java when the bombs that ended the war ...

Jung And The Story Of Our Time

'The fascination of Jung is inescapable and van der Post has given us an excellent ...

A Walk With A White Bushman

A Walk with a White Bushman offers a tempting preamble to many longer explorations ...

Venture To The Interior

An account of a journey on foot across the mountains to the two lost worlds of Central ...

The Lost World Of The Kalahari: With 'The Great and the Little Memory'

In this enthralling book van der Post establishes his role as a distinguished explorer ...

The Heart Of The Hunter

The moving sequel to The Lost World of the Kalahari.

The Seed and the Sower

This is war as experienced in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in Java in 1942, but ...

Books: 17