Chicken With Plums

From the bestselling author of Persepolis: a hugely accomplished, moving and multi ...

Persepolis: The Story of an Iranian Childhood

Another astonishing work of graphic non-fiction: the story of a girl growing up in ...

David Quammen

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David Quammen

David Quammen is a recipient of the Academy Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the author of several acclaimed natural history titles. His book, The Song of the Dodo, won the BP Natural World Book Prize in 1996.

Books by David Quammen

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Monster Of God: The Man-Eating Predator in the Jungles of History and the Mind

A provocative and richly detailed exploration of the critical relationship between ...

The Song Of The Dodo: Island Biogeography in an Age of Extinctions

This is a stunning book with graceful reverberations' Terry Tempest Williams, author ...

Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

A gripping and timely book about the transmission of highly dangerous diseases from ...

Ebola: The Natural and Human History

EBOLA: unravelling the the mystery of one of the world's most deadly diseases

Books: 4
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