Brain Shots

Bodley head Brain ShotWe value brevity so I’ll make this quick:
Are you on top of the ‘Mozart effect’ debate? Are you aware of how your choices as a consumer may be fuelling international organised crime? Do you know that depression may not be caused by a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain?
No? no? no?
Do you know what the medieval cure for a ‘superfluity of lust’ in women is?* Do you know why the other queue always moves faster than yours, and what (really) caused the 2008 banking crisis?
Not really?
You probably always mean to read more, but you’re busy right? You work, you floor-mop and dish-clean, dog-walk and gym, volunteer and, of course, you navigate the Victoria line or no. 29 in the morning… there’s no time to keep up to date with the latest and best in contemporary thought.
But now, finally, there is! The idea behind the Brain Shot series is that each Shot captures the essence of the original, full-length book – but is available in a concise, accessible and portable eBook & audio format. The series offers you everything that Wikipedia can’t – authoritative authors, unique insight and expert analysis – covering a diverse range subjects: from international crime to medieval history; from what maths can teach you about winning the lottery to what listening to Bach, or Blur, does to your brain.

And if this wasn’t incentive enough – I’m sure you’ve also found yourself seated next to a bit of an accountant  at a dinner party at least once before: boring you to tears about the new Accounting Standards Report or some such. Next time, astound them with your knowledge of why pylons are made of a network of metal struts that make use of a single recurring polygonal shape (i.e. a triangle). Dazzle them with a demonstration of a medieval joust. Or, do us both a favour, and tell them about the Brain Shots.

* For those who can’t wait to find out: ‘It is recommended that women suffering from a superfluity of lust should find a man and marry him quickly. If this is not possible, they should travel, exercise frequently and take medicines.’ Thank goodness for Easyjet.

We aren’t discriminating against accountants. They are, of course, welcome to liven up their dinner party chit-chat with a Brain Shot. Waterstone’s will even offer them a special price to get started: £3.99