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A Guardian Live event in association with Vintage

A Decent Ride, Irvine Welsh

What happens when you combine the creator of outrageous comic novels with the writer behind Peep Show and The Thick of It?

What happens when those two writers discuss a single theme?

An unmissable evening and just the first in a series of events created by Vintage and The Guardian.

Irvine Welsh will be joined by Jesse Armstrong to talk about the art of comedy writing, sharing their experiences from page and screen in a discussion with writer and stand-up comedian, Viv Groskop.

Irvine Welsh has long pushed boundaries with his dark comic novels like Trainspotting, Porno and Filth. Love, Sex and Other Foreign Policy Goals, Jesse ArmstrongHis new novel, A Decent Ride, signals the return of one of his most popular characters, 'Juice' Terry Lawson, cab driver, hustler and gonzo porn-star.

Jesse Armstrong not only created Peep Show, Fresh Meat and Four Lions (with Chris Morris) but also co-wrote The Thick of It. His debut novel, Love, Sex & Other Foreign Policy Goals, features a cast of good-natured characters heading off to Bosnia in 1994 to help stop the Balkan War armed with a lot of rice, a half written play and their faithful Ford Transit.

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Irvine Welsh is hitting the road to celebrate the launch of his novel A DECENT RIDE, which centres on one of his most popular characters - hustler cabbie ‘Juice’ Terry Lawson.

Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland will all have the chance to hear Welsh reading from his latest, outrageous, comic masterpiece.


12 April: Gardyne Theatre, Dundee

17 April: Glasgow Aye Write!

18 April: Aberdeen Performing Arts

19 April: Edinburgh Lyceum  


20 April: Northern Stage, Newcastle

21 April: Guardian Live with Vintage at Bloomsbury Theatre, London

25th May: 5x15 at Conway Hall, London


23 May: Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts, Hay-on-Wye


24 April: Cúirt International Festival of Literature, Galway City

22 May: International Literature Festival, Dublin

A rampaging force of nature is wreaking havoc on the streets of Edinburgh, but has top shagger, drug-dealer, gonzo-porn-star and taxi-driver, ‘Juice’ Terry Lawson, finally met his match in Hurricane ‘Bawbag’?

A Decent Ride sees Irvine Welsh back on home turf, A Decent Ride, Irvine Welshleaving us in the capable hands of one of his most compelling and popular characters, ‘Juice’ Terry Lawson, and introducing another bound for cult status, Wee Jonty MacKay: a man with the genitals and brain of a donkey.

In his funniest, filthiest book yet, Irvine Welsh celebrates an un-reconstructed misogynist hustler – a central character who is shameless but also, oddly, decent –and finds new ways of making wild comedy out of fantastically dark material, taking on some of the last taboos. So fasten your seatbelts, because this is one ride that could certainly get a little bumpy…

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