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Issue 4 : The Middle East 

Welcome to issue 4 of Night and Day, and happy birthday to us.
One year on and we bring you our most ambitious issue to date. This extraordinary year has witnessed the Arab Spring, the death of dictators, and purported plutonium enrichment. As Syrians continue to suffer and we sleepwalk towards conflict with Iran, there is no doubt that all eyes are on the Middle East.
With a nerve-shattering new short story by Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, archive pieces from Edward Said, poetry from Ruth Padel and illustrations from Olivier Kugler and Ali Naji-Ali, to name but a small selection – the issue moves from Tehran to Tel Aviv, the Thames to the Tigris, Dubai to democracy, to present a true cross-section of the region.
We hope you enjoy.
Tom and Parisa



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